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  • Head of the Office of Research and Postgraduate Programs. Autonomous University of Coahuila. México. (2018-2021)
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Prof. Cristobal N. Aguilar is director of Research and Postgraduate Programs at Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila (2018-2021), México. He was Dean of the School of Chemistry (2014-2018). Prof. Aguilar is a member level III of the Mexican System of Researchers (SNI). He is a regular member of the Mexican Academy of Science (from 2014) and member of the Central Council of IBA (
Prof. Aguilar focuses on Food science, Biochemistry, Fermentation, Solid-state fermentation and Aspergillus niger. He interconnects Ellagic acid, Polyphenol and Botany in the investigation of issues within Food science. He combines subjects such as Microorganism and Nuclear chemistry with his study of Biochemistry. His Fermentation study integrates concerns from other disciplines, such as Phenols and Product formation. The Solid-state fermentation study combines topics in areas such as Pomace, Invertase, Husk and Mycelium. His research in Aspergillus niger intersects with topics in Larrea and Tannase, Tannase activity.
He has received several prizes and awards among which the most important are: National Prize of Research 2010 of the Mexican Academy of Sciences, CCC Prize 2008 of the Mexican Society of Biotechnology and Bioengineering, National Prize AgroBio-2005 Mexican Price in Food Science and Technology CONACYT-Coca Cola México 2003. 2018 Outstanding Researcher Award by the International Association of Bioprocessing. 2019 Coahuila-State Innovation, Science and Technology Award.
Prof. Cristóbal N. Aguilar has led more than 45 research projects, including several international research projects (financed by ECOS-Nord, alpha network-EU, Marie Curie EU, AMEXID, CONACYT). In 2022, Prof. Cristóbal N. Aguilar has been listed as top 10 Scientists (Biology and Biochemistry) in Mexico ( and also, in 2021 he was listed in the World top 2% by the SU Ranking (