Erick is a Postgraduate student of Food Science and Technology at School of Chemistry at Autonomous University of Coahuila. He is a Biological and Pharmaceutical Chemist (2017). Erick has participated in a national and international congress. He participated in the 52° Congreso Mexicano de Química y 36° Congreso Nacional de Educación Química and in the 57-th ANNUAL MEETING OF THE PHYTOCHEMICAL SOCIETY OF NORTH AMERICA (PSNA).

Erick worked with obtention of bioactive compounds from agroindustrial residues he has worked with agro-industrial waste coffee pulp and cereal by-products such as sorghum, obtaining different enzymes as amylases, cellulases, phytases and n-demethylases. Currently, Erick in the Postgraduate is going to work with the valorization of residues from pulp of coffe and tea to obtain tannase with biological activities to apply in alimentary industry.

Erick has worked in extraction of bioactive compounds from “oregano” and mango by emergent technologies, characterization by analytical techniques and evaluation of their biological activities (antioxidant, antimicrobial, prebiotic, etc.).