Rocío Carranza is a second-semester student of the Master in Food Science and Technology at the Autonomous University of Coahuila. I graduated in 2019 as a Pharmacobiologist Chemist with a specialization in food from the same university. Rocío carried out her bachelor thesis in the development of an edible coating based on gum arabic, candelilla wax, and prickly pear mucilage (O. lindehimeri) for the avocado preservation. In addition to participating in the Latin Food 2018 congress held by AMECA.

Rocío is currently working with the production of single-cell protein from orange peel for application in an edible cover. He is also a member of the Mexican Food Science Association AMECA (2018-2020) as well as a member of the Student Section of Food Science and Technology (2019-2020) of the UadeC Faculty of Chemical Sciences.