The study investigated the process efficiency through the estimation of the kinetic parameters of production of ellagic acid (EA) by solid-state fermentation (SSF). EA is a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and antiproliferative capacity. Aspergillus niger GH1 strain was grown on pomegranate husk residues as a substrate and support matrix. Logistic and Luedeking-Piret equations were used in order to estimate values of the following coefficients: maximal specific growth rate (μM), maximal biomass level (XM), enzyme/biomass yield (YP/X) and secondary rate of production, or breakdown (k). It was showed that biomass aloud a high yield of product formation (EA) thus degrading ellagitannins (ETs). The fungus had a high degradation capacity of phenols (2.27 mg X/mg S h−1) from pomegranate husk releasing EA during the bioprocess.


ebook ISBN: 9781351592673